Videos linked here are posted on Youtube. We hope you enjoy watching and worshiping with us online if you are unable to attend in person. Here is a link to the Youtube Channel containing all Church services.

Community service on 8/1/2021 – no video for that week.

1 John 4 with Pastor Chris Hughes

Sunday AM service 2/21/21 — (audio problems – sorry).

Audio issues for first 15 minutes or so…
(Some sound & Camera issues — which have been fixed)
I Want to Know Christ — Philippians 3:10 with Pastor Hughes

Sermon Videos (most recent)

07/19/2020 — Taking a Break

The Church Series: Taking a Break — 7/19/2020
The Church and its mission 7/12/2020

OCN Youtube channel — online church services

The Church: Chosen, Adopted and Set Free 7/5/2020

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