Policy Manual

Odon Church of the Nazarene

Policy Manual


  1. Church Facility Use:  The use of the church and/or fellowship hall for activities besides normal church operation shall be done as follows.
    1. Church members:  Church members shall have first right of use of the facilities for extra activities, but not to preempt an already scheduled event.  They shall be able to use the facility free of charge. 
    1. Non-church members:  Non church members shall be allowed to reserve the facility for use at a fee of $50 per half day for the fellowship hall or for the church.  The church may waive these fees by board vote in special circumstances, for example the use by a not for profit organization.  In addition there will be a $50 damage deposit that will be returned if the facility is properly cared for and cleaned.  The use fee and damage deposit is required one week in advance of the reservation date, and if not provided the reservation will be cancelled unless a special exception is approved by the church.
    1. Reserving church and/or fellowship hall:  To reserve a date and time, it needs to be logged in an open space and time on the church calendar with the name of the individual or group doing the activity, the type of activity, and the times of the activity.  Non-members may call the church office (812-636-4349) to coordinate a reservation.  A reservation is not a guarantee of availability, but the church will make every effort not to conflict with an established date.
    1. Prohibited activities:  No activity that would conflict with the current Manual of the Church of the Nazarene will be allowed in the facility or on the church grounds.  This includes the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, profanity, and other items covered in the manual.  If there is any question of whether an activity is allowed on the premises, it is the responsibility of the party making the reservation to consult with the Pastor and/or board secretary to ensure the activity is allowed in advance of making the reservation.  The church reserves the right to terminate immediately without refund any activity that does not conform to the Manual of the Church of the Nazarene, and the reserving party will be solely responsible for any cost or inconvenience incurred because of the cancellation.
    1. Expended items:  Expended items such as plates, cups, napkins, plastic cutlery, drinks, ice, condiments or other food and drink supplies are for church activities only, and those using the facility are expected to provide these items for their events.  The exception to this is the use of toilet items, soaps and trash bags.
    1. Reusable items:  Reusable items such as the coffee maker, drink dispensers, dish towels, and metal cutlery may be used for events, and should be requested in advance to ensure availability.  Reusable items such as tables and chairs may be reserved for events not on the church premises using the same reservation methods.  Fee for non-member use and the amount of the damage deposit will be set prior to confirming the reservation.
    1. Insurance:  The reserving person or organization is responsible for insuring against accident or injury at the event, and agrees to hold the church harmless in the event of an accident or injury.
    1. Cleanup:  After completion of an event, the facilities are to be returned to the condition they were in at the start of the event, including putting tables, chairs, other furniture, reusable items, climate controls, lights and doors back to their original state.   All trash containers used for food items are to be emptied and new bags put in the containers.  Tables, chairs, floors and counters are to be cleaned if dirtied in the event and returned to their original state.

I the undersigned have read the Church Facility Use Policy above and agree to the terms and conditions of the policy for my event.

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2.0    Benevolence:  Requests and distribution of benevolence from the Odon Church of the Nazarene shall be done as follows.

  • Application:  All requests for benevolence shall be routed through an independent organization that tracks individual needs and use of the broader benevolence network to prevent fraud and abuse of the benevolence program.  The Odon Church of the Nazarene uses “Connections” for Daviess County.
    • Benevolence Distribution:  Verified needs will be evaluated by the Pastor for church involvement.  The pastor may authorize a onetime payment of up to $100 for a valid need.  No money or check is to be made payable to the individual, but can only be used for groceries, gas, utility company or similar entity to prevent misdirection of benevolence money.
    • Extraordinary Circumstances:  In the case of catastrophic events (fire, flood, etc.), the pastor may ask the board for up to double the normal maximum benevolence distribution to aid in the recovery for an individual or family.  The pastor may also choose to take a free will offering if the circumstances warrant.

  • Committee Expenditures:  Expenditures of money by committees without prior church board approval is allowed as follows.
    • Available Money:  Only money previously designated and set aside for the committee is available for use without prior board approval.  This does not included money that has been budgeted as expected expenditures for the year, but only money placed in a designated fund by board action.
    • Committees:  The committees authorized by the board to expend designated church funds are NMI, SDMI, NYI, Trustees, Stewards, and others that are provided with a designated line of funding such as the food booth.
    • Committee chairman:  The committee chairman may authorize up to a $100 expenditure without committee or board approval in the course of normal duties for the committee.  This can be exceeded in the case of standard expenditures that are in effect preapproved by the board, for example SDMI material purchases and food booth startup expenses.  Expenditures of this type are to be reported at the next committee meeting and at the next board meeting.  This does not include items or services that are not part of normal operations for that committee.  For example the trustees could pay for repair parts for a door or gravel for the driveway, but not for an SDMI event.
    • Unanimous committee vote:  On a unanimous committee vote, the committee with designated money may spend up to $500 without board approval in the course of normal duties.  Reporting requirements and limitations of use requirements are the same.
    • Other expenditures:  All other expenditures must be approved in advance of purchase by the full church board.
  • Facility Organization:  The organization of the facilities of the Odon Church of the Nazarene shall be conducted as follows.
    • HVAC and Electrical Rooms:  There is no admittance to the HVAC and Electrical rooms except by the trustees or at their authorization.  Cleaning people are authorized in the south church HVAC room to access the cleaning supplies.
    • Storage Areas:  The church storage areas are for specific uses, and coordinated by the trustees, with the exception of the kitchen storage which is coordinated by the stewards.  This includes the three storage buildings.  The west choir room is shared with the music committee and the east choir room is shared with the decorating committee.  The food booth coordinator shares the white building and with the stewards has the use of the freezers in the west HVAC room and the white building.  The food booth coordinator and the decorating committee share the closet in the CLC.  Nothing is to be added to the storage areas without coordinating with the appropriate committee(s).
    • Classrooms:  Classes that are used for Sunday School classes shall not be changed from the Sunday School setup without coordinating with the Sunday School teacher, unless the room is returned to the Sunday School configuration prior to the next class session.
    • Christian Life Center (CLC):  The CLC shall be returned to the configuration it was in after each use of the facility unless a different configuration has been coordinated in advance with the trustees.
    • HVAC:  The temperature controls are set as follows:
      • Cooling season occupied:  70 degrees
      • Cooling season unoccupied:  Off
      • Heating season occupied:  70 degrees
      • Heating season unoccupied 55 degrees